About Frodoe
Frodoe is India's largest retail search advertising portal
If you are looking for a typical "about us" page with the likes of a mission and vision statement you will not find any. Why? For one thing, we are not a "typical" company. And let's face it. We are not doing serious stuff like building missiles or helping humans colonize space. Instead we do something which is more fun (for us) and useful (for you).
We make folks (like you, for e.g.) feel good about using information to save money when they shop for their favorite products, brands. That we promise, we will continue to do even better in the days ahead. So to deliver on this promise we started a Company - FRODOE
What FRODOE is and is not:

FRODOE is a retail offers search site. Now you know what retail offers site is and you sure do know what a search site is. FRODOE is both. But different in some important ways, for starters it is specialized.

FRODOE's specialty is retail discounts search
On a click of a button our tools help you understand what retail discounts are in your city, till when they are valid, and where they can be availed. Like any retail site we have this information on thousands of brands. But we're very different from most retail sites because we don't actually sell any brands, products or anything else.
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Today we're India's largest retail offers search site

Honestly, we are feeling good about that fact. Since we started FRODOE in 2013 we've been working pretty hard to make retail offer search better, and we're still having fun, creating tools that make our search faster, more relevant and easier to use.

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